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Philosophy of POURIKA EGD | Handmade Hand Shears - Pourika EGD - High Quality Shears for Sheep Shearing

Σφραγισμένη λεπίδα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ένωση με έλασμα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ελατήριο επαναφοράς ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ασφάλεια Ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
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handcrafted manufacturing
characterize our shears!
Pourika EGD shears for shearing sheep, alpaca, Llama
Pourika EGD Scissors for Trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks
Pourika EGD Scissors for every use you can think
Nowadays, within the incessant automated industrial production and the abundance of industrial products that meet every consumerist desire, “POURIKA EGD” Company  remains unshakeable in the handmade manufacturing of shears for sheep shearing.
The production of handmade shears is a professional field where new enterprises can make their entry with difficulty. Greece has only three of them.
It requires knowledge, experience, consistency and cooperation relations that rely on human trust.
POURIKA EGD” Company, accepted comments and ideas from its clients about the shears it manufactures, throughout its course. It corrected the imperfections and insisted on details, having the excellent result as its final objective.
A lot of industrial products that appear on the market as sheep shears are "cheap" imitations of lesser quality, efficiency and durability than the “POURIKA EGD” brand name handmade shears.
Tel: +30 235 1031 555
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