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Best Sheep Shearing products | Quality Handmade Shears Products - Pourika EGD - High Quality Shears for Sheep Shearing

Σφραγισμένη λεπίδα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ένωση με έλασμα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ελατήριο επαναφοράς ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ασφάλεια Ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
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Pourika EGD shears for shearing sheep, alpaca, Llama
Pourika EGD Scissors for Trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks
Pourika EGD Scissors for every use you can think
When someone knows that a product, as the shears is handmade, they feel confident about the quality of it. The shears are the basic tools for the sheep-farmers, who use them during the period of sheep shearing.

All handmade tools require not only a simple manufacture but also a technical application, which is based on knowledge and experience. All shears manufactured by “POYRIKA EGD” Company are tested and fit in hand.

That is the main reason why the company's brand name is a guarantee for its excellent quality, its unique durability and its easy use. Furthermore, the raw materials used by the company for the manufacture of the shears, are selected with high quality in mind -and not the reduction of cost- in order for the company to achieve optimum processing.
Photos from the production stages
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