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Hand Shear with anti-slip handle | Sheep, alpaca, llama, goat shearing - Pourika EGD - High Quality Shears for Sheep Shearing

Σφραγισμένη λεπίδα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
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handcrafted manufacturing
characterize our shears!
Pourika EGD shears for shearing sheep, alpaca, Llama
Pourika EGD Scissors for Trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks
Pourika EGD Scissors for every use you can think
Hand Shears
POURIKA EGD hand shears for shearing sheep are of excellent quality, unique durability and easy to use. They are the best shears for shearing sheep, alpacas, llamas and goats but can also be used for light gardening.

It is handcrafted from high-quality carbon steel, with blades that are surprisingly sharp and cut cleanly with minimal effort. The ergonomically designed non-slip handles - with pin - are comfortable for long periods of use and the low spring tension makes them easy to operate. The self-sharpening design of the blades ensures a clean cut every time.
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