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Terms of Use - Pourika EGD - High Quality Shears for Sheep Shearing

Σφραγισμένη λεπίδα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ένωση με έλασμα ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ελατήριο επαναφοράς ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
Ασφάλεια Ψαλιδιού ΠΟΥΡΙΚΑ ΕΓΔ
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handcrafted manufacturing
characterize our shears!
Pourika EGD shears for shearing sheep, alpaca, Llama
Pourika EGD Scissors for Trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks
Pourika EGD Scissors for every use you can think
The online presence, and (hereinafter "POURIKA EGD") and its operation is governed by the following terms of use and is represented by the company with the name "POURIKA EGD" which is based in Katerini Pierias at 24 Vassiliou Street B' place. The company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" in an effort to achieve an even result and to protect in any case the visitors of its online presence describes below the terms of use of the specific website.
The visitors of, and with their online presence agree and accept the following:
  1. The contents of the website, and belong to the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" and constitute copyright as defined and protected by Greek and international legislation. The users recognize the proprietary and copyright rights of the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" and undertake to safeguard them.

    Indicatively, it is stated that it is not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify, distribute and rebroadcast any content of the website without prior registration and approval of the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD".

  2. Through the online address, and handmade shears ideal for shearing sheep and the garden as well as for other uses where an extremely strong and efficient shear is necessary are presented and shown.

  3. The correctness of the description of the products is the responsibility of the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD", which makes every possible effort to be accurate without excluding the possibility of the existence of some typographical and not only errors. In the event that something like this comes to the attention of the users, they have the possibility to report it immediately, by sending an e-mail to the email address

  4. The company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" is not responsible for damages to the user or third parties that may be caused by system malfunctions. Indicatively are mentioned, damage to electronic equipment and general damage and risks arising from the network of internet providers, etc. Also, the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" is not responsible or liable for compensation for any damage and moral harm resulting from failure to provide support services.

  5. Each visitor or user of, and is obliged to use their real information (surname, first name, address, e-mail, etc.) in the various communication forms when attempts a request whether it concerns information or the order of a product. He should also use the website in accordance with the laws and will not take actions or omissions that may cause damage to him or to any other user or networks connected to, and

  6. The company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" informs that it has the right, judging and evaluating all the data for its customer's order, to reject an order due to failure to fill in correct and sufficient customer data or if it is convinced that the data is false.

  7. The company with the distinctive title "POURIKA EGD" reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms, prices and conditions of transactions of the online store whenever it deems it necessary, but undertakes the obligation to inform consumers of any change arising in from the pages of the website which corresponds to the electronic address, and

Tel: +30 235 1031 555
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