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Privacy Policy - Pourika EGD - High Quality Shears for Sheep Shearing

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characterize our shears!
Pourika EGD shears for shearing sheep, alpaca, Llama
Pourika EGD Scissors for Trimming, dead-heading, topiary and other general gardening tasks
Pourika EGD Scissors for every use you can think
The company with the distinctive title "POURIKA", in the context of an effort to orderly and successfully cooperate with its customers, expressly and unequivocally commits that any communication of a user with the website of the company with the distinctive title "POURIKA", which contains the sending of personal data (name, surname, telephone, address, etc.) is strictly protected and there is absolutely no case of forwarding it to third parties for reasons that do not concern the process for which the mentioned e-mail communication took place.
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The user's details after the implementation of the communication for the specific request are deleted within 24 to 48 hours from the receipt of the specific request.
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For any objection, concern, question or creative effort to inform us about the terms of use, personal data and general privacy policy on the internet, a medium that is constantly changing and evolving at an incredibly fast pace, we are at your disposal to answer you, serve you or even correct something that may have escaped (clearly and not intentionally) our own knowledge and attention.
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